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Head of Institutional Finance Asset Management

Job Overview:

The Head of Institutional Finance Asset Management will lead the newly established department aimed at generating yield and managing digital and traditional assets. This executive role is designed to transform our revenue generation strategies from primarily protocol and cloud-based models to a robust, diversified asset management structure within the Web3 framework. The ideal candidate will play a crucial role in shaping the company's financial future, leveraging both innovative blockchain technologies and traditional financial instruments.


  1. Strategic Planning and Execution:

    • Design and execute a dynamic asset management strategy that encompasses both crypto assets and traditional investments, ensuring alignment with the company’s long-term objectives.
    • Analyze market trends and opportunities within the Web3 ecosystem to identify profitable investment avenues.
    • Create synergies between asset management, cloud solutions, and protocol development to enhance overall business efficacy and growth.
  2. Team Leadership and Development:

    • Build and manage a high-performance finance team capable of achieving ambitious yield and asset management goals.
    • Foster a culture of innovation, accountability, and continuous improvement within the team.
  3. Research and Development:

    • Conduct in-depth research to stay ahead of financial technologies and investment strategies that can benefit the company.
    • Leverage insights to improve protocol and cloud product offerings, ensuring they meet market demands and customer expectations.
  4. Venture Capital Engagement:

    • Engage with top-tier venture capital firms, particularly targeting strategic partnerships and fundraising initiatives.
    • Present compelling business cases to potential investors to secure funding and increase equity valuation.
  5. Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management:

    • Ensure all asset management activities comply with relevant laws, regulations, and ethical standards.
    • Implement risk management strategies to minimize financial exposure and protect company assets.


  • Proven experience in financial management or asset management, ideally within a fintech, Web3, or traditional financial institution.
  • Strong familiarity with yield-generating strategies and asset management in a digital asset context.
  • Experience working with or in companies like Coinbase, Tether, Circle, or similar.
  • Master’s degree or higher in Finance, Economics, or a related field; CFA or similar professional financial certification preferred.
  • Excellent leadership skills and the ability to attract, develop, and retain top talent.
  • Strong analytical and strategic thinking abilities.
  • Superior stakeholder management and communication skills.
  • Deep understanding of global financial regulations and their implications on asset management.

Desired Persona:

The ideal candidate will be a strategic thinker with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a deep understanding of both traditional finance and emerging financial technologies, particularly blockchain and cryptocurrencies. They should possess a mix of analytical prowess, innovative thinking, and executive leadership skills, with the ability to navigate complex financial landscapes and drive business growth. The ability to effectively communicate complex financial concepts to non-financial stakeholders and maintain strong relationships with venture capital partners is essential.