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Technical Project Manager (PM) for a blockchain project, fluent in Japanese


Technical Project Manager (PM) at Project Management Office (PMO) for Blockchain project

We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated Technical Project Manager to join our Project Management Office (PMO) for an innovative blockchain project.

As a Technical PM, you will play a critical role in planning, managing, and executing all necessary technical actions to ensure the project's success. This position requires close collaboration with the CTO and fellow project managers to align with Startale's overarching strategy and the specific goals of this project.

In this role, you will create and manage comprehensive execution plans for each phase of system development, ensuring clear communication and progress reporting to stakeholders. Your responsibilities include defining requirements, designing key processes, establishing release criteria, and conducting thorough reviews to maintain the highest quality of deliverables.

The ideal candidate brings at least three years of experience as a Project Manager in large-scale, global system development projects, with strong proficiency in both English and Japanese. We are looking for a PM with technical background and previous hands-on experience in programming or architecture, and a keen interest in blockchain and web3 technologies.

As we are a global team, flexibility to work across multiple time zones is expected although main time zone for work will be GMT+9.

If you are proactive, committed to high-quality deliverables, and possess exceptional communication skills, we invite you to join us at Startale and contribute to the forefront of blockchain innovation.

Key Responsibilities

As the PM with strong technical background, you will be responsible for planning, devising, managing, and executing all necessary actions from technical perspective to lead the project to success while maintaining close communication with the CTO and colleague PMs on the project. 

This role requires understanding Startale's overall company strategy and simultaneously understanding the role this project plays within that strategy to execute the project.

With a solid understanding of the phases of system development, you will devise execution plans for each phase, explaining them to relevant stakeholders.

During the execution phase, you will accurately monitor the progress of each team and responsibly report to project stakeholders, identify issues, devise solutions, and manage execution to improve the project's status:

  • This role takes responsibility for executing essential processes in system development, including requirements definition, basic design, release criteria definition, and test planning.
  • You are responsible for executing and delivering key processes necessary for the success of this project.
  • You will conduct thorough reviews of all stages of system development to maintain the quality of deliverables.

Qualification and Skills

  • Experience as a Project Manager in system development projects for large-scale business or global projects delivered across multiple time zones etc. (At least 3 years of experience of PMO or PM).
  • Ability to communicate at a business level in both English and Japanese.
  • Knowledge and experience in activities such as requirements definition, basic design, test planning, release criteria definition, and release planning, with the ability to create deliverables for each stage.
  • Comprehensive understanding of system development, software design, infrastructure design, source code, testing, and release management. Ability to conduct detailed reviews of deliverables at each stage of system development.
  • Possession of sufficient experience and knowledge regarding quality levels, security levels, release criteria, etc., used on large-scale projects.
  • Strong interest and curiosity in blockchain and web3.
  • Multiple years of hands-on experience in systems development as a programmer or architect with a deep understanding of the concepts, phases, and deliverables of systems development.(At least 3 years of experience of programmer and architect).
  • Flexibility to work during GMT+9 to +10 time zones but attend some meetings in GMT+1, GMT+2 time zones.